Sears Credit Card Online Payment

Citibank Online now provides Sears Cardholders with a convenient system to manage their credit card online. Through their online payment site, you can view your transaction history, check your available balance, and make payments.

Go to Sears homepage to register your card so you can start enjoying the benefits of having a Sears online account.

Just click the “Register your Card” button, enter the required information, and you are all set.

On the Sign-on page, enter your User ID and password before you click the “sign on” button. In case you forget your User ID or password, click the “Retrieve User ID” or “Reset Password” button.

Sears Card Rewards Balance

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Sears provides cardholders with the following incentives:

Gas Purchases – 5% in points
Dining and Grocery – 3% in points
Company Purchases – 2% in points
Other eligible purchases – 1% in points on

You will earn $1 in rewards for every 1000 points that can be redeemed towards company purchases.

Benefits Of Being A Sears Cardholder

The tie-up of Sears, Roebuck, and Co. with Citibank provides cardholders with access to their partner merchants – online stores, Great Indoors, K-Mart, the company’s outlet store, and Land’s End.

After you activate your Sears card you will enjoy:

Zero annual fees
Special financing offers
Zero liability for unauthorized usage
Resolution services for identity theft
Free supplementary cards for family members

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For card usage, customers are offered the following options:

Standard In-Store account

You can use Sears card to purchase at all stores and the company’s subsidiary merchants including K-Mart, Land’s End. You can also use it at service shops, Clinics, Photo Studios, Travel Agencies, and Flower shops.

Home Services and Improvement Online Account

Sears cardholders can get a home improvement account that allows them to purchase items for the refurbishing, remodeling, and repair of their houses at low interest and special payment schemes.

Items such as doors, wallpaper, heating/cooling appliances, windows, delivery, and installation charges are also included in the scheme.

My Sears MasterCard Online Payment

This Sears card feature allows users to purchase online, withdraw/advance cash from Master Card ATMs.

Eligible cardholders can also opt to combine balances of their existing accounts. Other than the basic features of the sears card, customers who qualify for the online payment will earn points for every dollar spent.

Commercial One

Commercial One Sears Card is exclusively offered to companies and entrepreneurs. Accountholders are provided with an expense tracking and transaction record-keeping system.

After the Cardholders purchase via phone, fax, and in-store, they will receive itemized invoices, rewards, and business tips from Sears Business Resource Center.

How To Apply For A Sears Credit Card

You can apply for a Sears Citi Card or Sears Mastercard online or onsite (Sears or Kmart stores).

The interest rate for both cards is 26.24% APR on all purchases. With Sears Mastercard, you can earn up to 5% in “Shop Your Way” points which you can use to buy at Sears or Kmart outlets.

The application process is easy and fast. Just provide the required information online and you will receive an approval notification within the day. For in-store applications, approval notification will be sent the following day.

Your credit limit will depend on your monthly income. If you have a poor credit score, your chance for approval may be slim.

Sears Customer Service

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If you have queries or issues about your card usage, you can reach them through:

P.O. Box 6275, Sioux Falls, SD 57117 for general inquiries
P.O. Box 9001055, Louisville, KY 40290-1055 for payments

Note: We are not connected with this company. Please do NOT contact us for queries or give any personal information to us. We write for reference purposes only.