Walgreens Money Orders- Do They Sell Them?

These days retailers offer consumers different cashless modes of payments. Other than cash, credit card, or personal check, you can now pay via money orders or money transfers. These alternative payment methods are considered safer because there’s no physical exchange of money involved.

What Is The Difference Between A Money Order And Money Transfer?

A money order is a non-electronic method of converting cash to a paper document that looks like a bank check.
A money order can only be issued to you after you’ve paid in cash or sometimes with a credit or debit card. Since upfront payment is required, a money order is considered a safer mode of payment compared to a personal check which may bounce.

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When you buy a money order, the name of the recipient and the issuing financial institution should appear on the money order. A personal appearance and government-issued ID will also be required from the recipient during encashment. You can also deposit a money order online or at ATMs. In case the money order gets lost, it can be replaced or refunded.

MoneyGram & Western Union Partnership

On the other hand, a money transfer is an electronic transfer of funds. Walgreens offers money transfer services via Western Union and MoneyGram, two of the most established money transfer providers.

Traditional banks can also facilitate money transfers from the sender’s bank to the recipient’s bank. Many customers prefer to transact outside banks because providers like Western Union and MoneyGram charge lower rates and have fewer restrictions. Money transfer is a very convenient option for buyers and sellers because transactions can be completed within one or two business days. As with a money order, there is no risk of the check bouncing because it has been prepaid.

How To Transfer Money At Walgreens

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Walgreens offers money transfer services via Western Union. Customers can send and receive money at any of Walgreens’ 8,000 branches. You can also avail of this service at Walgreens’ New York-based retail stores, Duane Reade. Although Western Union offers money orders, this type of service is not yet available at Walgreens stores.

Fees, Restrictions, And Accepted Payment Type

If you want to have an idea of how much your money transfer will cost, just go to Western Union’s online fee estimator.
Western Union charges $11.00 for a standard transaction (money can be picked up by the recipient the following day) and $12.50 “In minutes service” (money can be picked up after a few minutes only).

How To Make A Money Transfer?

Walgreens and Duane Reade’s money transfer services operate between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. To begin your transaction, select the Western Union tab on the self-service kiosk screen and just follow the prompts.

Enter the recipient’s name (as indicated on the recipient’s government-issued ID). Remember that you can transfer up to $6,000 just once. Next, pay the money transfer amount plus the designated fee.

How To Receive A Money Transfer?

You need to show a government-issued ID and the money transfer tracking number (MCTN), the sender’s name, and the amount sent.

You can track the status of the money transfer by entering the MCTN, the sender’s full name, receiver’s pick-up location, receiver’s full name, date of money transfer, and the amount transferred.

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What Other Services Are Offered At Walgreens?

For customers’ convenience, Walgreens and Duane Reade offer various services. There are also clinics, photo printing, pharmacies, and other money services. Before heading to the store, check out Walgreens store locator to see if the service you need is available at the branch you’re heading to.

Walgreens Pharmacy

Here is a list of what is available at walgreens:

  • Prescription refilling is available
  • Select branches accommodate Medicare Part D plans and copays cost
  • Customers can avail automatic refills and refill schedule
  • Healthcare Clinics at select Branches
  • Diagnosis and treatment of minor ailments and injuries
  • Vaccinations (routine vaccinations for children to senior and travel vaccinations)
  • Photo Printing
  • Printing of photo books, posters, shirts, calendars, cards, and more
  • Photo studio
  • Same day pick up for in-store and online orders
  • Money Services
  • Gift cards
  • Sells prepaid American Express and Visa cards
  • Sells public transportation cards/passes

Where To Get Money Orders

You can buy or cash orders at CVS, Rite Aid, and most grocery stores. For an extensive list of stores, read our article Where Can I Get a Money Order? For cashing your money order, here’s a list of stores to go to. You can also deposit a money order to your account if you cannot find a store near you that offers this type of service.