Walmart Check Policy – Do They Accept Them?

Are you wondering does Walmart accept checks? The answer is yes but be warned they check your funds first so you must have money in your account in order for them to process the payment.

At Walmart, you can pay for your purchases with cash, credit card, debit card, or personal check. While other businesses no longer allow check payments, the retail giant still does and also allows their employees to check paystubs online through their walmartone paystub service.

Walmart Check Cashing Verification System

Walmart uses TeleCheck and Certegy, a third-party check verification system used to validate the check owner’s account for the payment. These two companies are the two top providers of check verification scanners in the USA.

When you pay with a check, the cashier will scan it with a TeleCheck or Certegy machine. The scanner will then transmit your data (routing number, transaction details, current account number, and ID details) to the system which will either approve or deny your payment. If your account has non-sufficient funds or your ID number doesn’t match the stored data in the system, your check will be declined.

Once validated, the machine will print a receipt that you will sign to authorize the company to electronically transfer the funds from your checking account. When the machine declines the transaction, your check will be returned to you and the cashier will give you a copy of the receipt.

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If your check gets declined even if your account has enough funds call TeleCheck or Certegy (the phone number is on the receipt) to find out why your check did not clear. It could be that your bank account number is not stored in the system.

Go over to TeleCheck’s declined check FAQs, for clarification. If you were declined by Certegy, you can call or find out the reason on the online declined check lookup page.

Requirements For Personal Check Payment

Government-issued photo ID. Walmart requires customers paying with a check to present a driver’s license, military ID, Social Security Card, US passport, or military ID.

The customer’s name must match the check’s account name. Walmart will only accept a personal check if the name on the ID and check matches. Make sure to use a check with your name on it, otherwise, it will be rejected.

For business checks, the employee who made the purchase should present a company ID. Your check should pass TeleCheck’s verification. If your check gets denied by the TeleCheck scan, you won’t be able to use it.

Cashback When You Pay With A Personal Check

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Yes, you will get a cashback worth $20. Before you pay, inquire about cashback on check payment to make sure that the cashier has enough cash on his register.

Upon confirmation, you will add $20 to your purchase amount. After your check gets scanned and approved, the cashier will give your receipt, $20 cash, and check.

To find out more about Walmart’s cashback policy, read about the Cash Back Limit at Walmart Using Credit Card, Debit Card, and Check.

Issuing A Postdated Check

This is not possible because electronic processing of a check payment gets completed within a day or two. Walmart only accepts dated checks so the funds can be transmitted not later than the following day.

Check Getting Declined Due To Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

According to Walmart’s policy, if your check is returned to lack of funds, a $35 penalty (returned check fee) plus the purchase price will be charged to the account by EFT or bank draft. If you want to pay with a check, make sure to check your account balance before you shop.

Daily Limit On Number Of Checks

Walmart did not set a limit to the number of checks you can issue per day. However, writing multiple checks within a day can set off the anti-fraud alarm of your bank or credit union and result in the freezing of your account. If you plan to issue 5 or more checks per day, it’s best to give your bank a heads up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Walmart’s check cashing policy.

Does Walmart Verify Checks Before Cashing Them?

When you go to Walmart, it is not always about groceries. Sometimes there are other errands that need done on the way home after a long day of work. If this sounds like your Saturday routine, then keep reading for some tips from people who have been before!

Whenever I am running out at night and realize I forgot my wallet or checkbook with me (which happens more often than you would think), Wal-Mart has saved me in many predicaments. After verifying your identity by showing an ID such as driver’s license or government issued photo identification card, they’ll process your check electronically through TeleCheck which can be identified by its logo if seen elsewhere too

Why A Check Might Get Declined At Walmart

Walmart’s decision not to cash your paycheck has nothing to do with how much you need the money or if they want it. They are unwilling because of insufficient bank funds, an unacceptable check type, and exceeding maximum acceptable amounts on a single transaction.

Can Walmart Tell If A Check Is Bad?

Walmart will run every check you write through third-party verification. That means Walmart won’t accidentally accept bad checks which would cost them a lot of money, and it keeps fraudsters from cashing phony checks that they created in the first place (which is both dishonest and illegal). But this doesn’t mean your check for Aunt Millie’s birthday present should automatically get declined just because she lives on her own island off Honduras; there are other companies who do similar work like TeleCheck or Certegy, but these have their own special reasons to deny transactions too.


Personal check payment is a convenient option that Walmart offers to customers. If you are after cashback rewards, it’s better to use a debit or credit card for your purchases because the incentives are higher than the $20 cashback, you’ll get per check payment.

Other retailers accept check payments too, to find out the list of stores and their requirements read our article What Stores Accepts Checks?